Google Download Helper

100% FREE downloads.
NO registeration needed!

NO fees!


Follow 3 simple steps for operation.

What is Google Download Helper?

Google Downlaod Helper (GDH) is a small program that can find an unlimited amount of free downloads through the Google search engine.

How do I use it?

This is a very simple program to use when you follow these three steps:

Step one: choose a file type.

You need to choose a file type by the kind of media you want to download.
If you don't know what is the file type you are looking for go to here and look for somthing that fits what you have in mind.

If the file type you are looking for is not in the drop down menu you can simple type it in the fild insted.

If you are looking for more then one file type you sould use ',' betwin every file type you need, for example: if I need to serch for a video and I want .mp4 and .avi results I will type "mp4,avi" in the fild.

Step two: pick your file name.

Here you enter your file name, if it is a song, please enter the singer name befor entering the song name.

For example: If I want to serch for the song 'Stairway to Heaven' by 'Led Zeppelin'
I will type "Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven" in the fild.

Step three: Downloading!

After you have filled both of the filds you now need to press the
'Get Download Links!' button, this will take you to a Google result page,
enter the link you think is the most appropriate for what you want.

After you are in the page you need to search for your file name,if the list
is shot, search by simple looking at the links, but if the list is long press <ctrl>+<f>, type
your file name in the search fild and press 'Next' untill you see the file you were looking for highlighted.

At this point you need to see if the link contains your media, simple click the likn and see what happens, if a player is opend and starts playing your song or if a file starts downloading, the link is good:
In this case, go back you the file list, right-click your link and choose 'Save link as...' option.

but if it links you re a error page or anything else then the media you where looking for it's a bad link.
In this case, you need to look for alother one by going back to the result page.